MFFS Force Energy Capacitor
Type Machine
Transparency No
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod MFFS

The MFFS Capacitor is a machine from the Modular Forcefield System mod. It stores force energy and sends it to linked devices.


Crafting GUI.png

MFFS Force Energy Crystal

Electronic Circuit

MFFS Force Energy Crystal

Frequency Transmitter

Advanced Machine Block

Frequency Transmitter

MFFS Force Energy Crystal

Electronic Circuit

MFFS Force Energy Crystal

MFFS Capacitor



GUI of a MFFS Capacitor

To store force energy, Capacitor needs to be linked to Extractor. To link Capacitor to Extractor, you need to right-click the Capacitor with blank MFFS Card and then place this card inside Extractor. Capacitor can be linked to Projector, Defence Station, Converter or another Capacitor the same way.

Default range for transmitting energy is 8 blocks and capacity 10 000 000 FE, but both can by increased by MFFS Capacitor Upgrade - Range up to 80 and MFFS Capacitor Upgrade - Capacity up to 28 000 000 FE respectively. Each range upgrade adds 8 more blocks to the max transmitting distance. Each capacity upgrade adds 2 000 000 to the total Force Energy (FE) capacity.

Power UplinkEdit

Capacitors can be linked to other Capacitors by placing card in central slot. However, unlike with other machines, Capacitor will only relay energy to another Capacitor when switched on either by redstone signal MFFSRedstone or by MultiToolMFFSSwitch, depending on selected mode in the right top corner of GUI. When it's on, the green light switches to yellow.

Capacitor has three uplink modes:

  • MFFSFull - will relay energy only when at least 90% full
  • MFFSHalf - will relay energy only when it has more energy that target Capacitor
  • MFFSEmpty -will always relay energy

Capacitor can also charge or discharge MultiTool or Force Energy Crystal placed in the central slot.

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