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MFFS Converter
Type Machine
Transparency No
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod MFFS

The MFFS Converter is a machine from the Modular Forcefield System mod. It converts FE into EU.


Crafting GUI.png

Refined Iron

Frequency Transmitter

Refined Iron

LV Transformer

MV Transformer

HV Transformer

Refined Iron

Glass Fibre Cable

Refined Iron

MFFS Converter



GUI of a MFFS Converter

To produce EU, the Converter needs to be linked to MFFS Capacitor and needs to be switched on either by redstone signal or MFFS MultiTool in switch mode. When on, dots on the Converter are green. Amount of EU per tick can be configured in its GUI.

3,000,000 FE can be extracted from a single piece of Forcicium  for 1,000,000 EU.

The Force Energy produced can be converted back into 1,000,000 EU, resulting in no gain nor loss of EU.

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