MFFS Control SystemEdit

The control system allows you to control your forcefields from a central point, using a MasterCard.

MFFS Control System
Name MFFS Control System
Type Machine
Max Energy Force Energy
Luminance No
Storage FE
Tool MFFS MultiTool - Wrench
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod Modular Force Field System


The MFFS Controller lets you access a Projector's GUI, Security System, etc. First, you must right click on the machine you want to interface with (need an MFFS Card in inventory) with the multipurpose tool set to "Link Mode". This hands you a Data Link card. Then, you go to your controller and insert the Data Link card in the appropriate slot. Once that is done, you can view the GUI for the machine (the chunk must be loaded for both, World/Personal Anchors work). You may also make changes to the machine through the GUI.  {Pictures Requested}

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