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This card can be created with a right-click on a blank MFFS card in your hand on a security station. The security station must be active. A security station can be activated by right-clicking with your multi-tool (personalID &  DataLink Mode)  into the air and a blank card in your inventory. Then you put your Personal ID card in the security station next to the Master slot and the security station is active as you are the Master. You can give your friends rights by set an ID-Card in the left place and set validity and what they can do. (it should be their ID-Card) Your security-station-card can be put into the projector (as you are the owner you can port yourself with the multitool against the forcefield), the defense station (you can give players warn-messages or you can kill them if they have a wrong item in the inventory), the security storage (You can put your inventory in it and only you have access), The energy capacitor (only you have access)... Attention: with the link to the security station, only you AND the people with rights can open the GUI of those Blocks (with the link to the security station card)

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