ME Export Bus Block

Export bus

The ME export bus (added by Applied Energistics) is the opposite of the ME import bus, and allows you to take items from the ME network and put them into external sources such as chests and furnaces.
ME Export Bus

Export bus attached to a furnace

Attach the export bus to any block containing items and feed it into the network via ME cable. By default, it will not put anything from the network into the unit. This is useful for networks that contain an automated system such as the ME automated assembler chamber.

The import/export buses will only work when attached to the left and right sides of GregTech machines. These seem to be the only exceptions, however.

The GUI contains a small item area and two buttons. The first button describes the operating method for the export bus. It has four possible values:

  1. Always active - This means the bus will continually export items to its unit regardless of redstone current
  2. Active without signal - This means the bus will continually export items to its unit when no redstone current is active near it
  3. Active with signal - This means the bus will continually export items to its unit when a redstone current is active near it
  4. Active once per pulse - This means the bus will export items a single time when a redstone current is active near it

The second button describes the method for putting items into the unit. It has two possible values:

  1. Move single items - This moves items to the unit one-by-one. It consumes 1 EU per item.
  2. Move stacks of items - This moves full item stacks to the unit. It consumes more EU than single mode.

The item area is neccesary for the operation of the export bus. Any item you put into the area will be exported from the network to the unit. For example, if you had cobblestone and stone in the network and wanted to export only cobblestone for smelting, you would put a cobblestone block in the export bus. The block is not consumed in this process.

ME Export Bus GUI


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