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Logistics Pipes
Author(s) Krapht
Version 0.2.5B
URL Logistics Pipes
Mod Type Buildcraft 3 Add-on
Mod Pack(s) Feed The Beast Retro SSP / SMP

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Logistics Pipes is a Buildcraft 3 Add-On that overhauls the BuildCraft Pipe system. It is only included in the Feed The Beast Retro SSP, SMP packs and in FTB Unleashed.

Version 0.2.5B is an older version of the mod that is compatible with Minecraft 1.2.5 and Buildcraft 3.1.5.

To use Logistics Pipes in more up-to-date FTB branches try this. (Works in FTB ultimate v1.0.1).

Basic MechanicsEdit

The Logistic Pipes mod as a whole is a major upgrade to the conventional Buildcraft Diamond Pipe.  The most basic logistics pipe is named acordingly as the basic logistics pipe.  In the interface of you can see 9 slots where you can place item types similar to how you would place items in a Diamond Pipe (it doesn't take the item, but instead leaves a mark of it).  The difference between the two is that the basic logistics pipe only has 9 slots instead of the 6 rows of 9 in a diamond pipe.  Once and item is placed in the interface, any item that hits another logistics pipe that is connected to the logistic pipe you set (this will be refered to as a logistics pipe system) will be automatically sent to that pipe and into any adjacent inventory (chests, barrels, machines, etc.).

Logistics Pipes SystemEdit

For logistics pipes to work, you need to power them with an energy abrieviated as LP or Logistics Power.  The first step in powering a logistics pipes system is to build a Logistics Power Junction.  It can be powered by either MJ or EU.  The conversion factor for both is 1MJ=5 LP and 1EU=2LP.  One Logistics Power Junction can hold 2 million LP.  You have to connect to the Junction box with a basic logistics pipe (regular pipes like cobblestone pipes won't work) and you have to connect it to the sides, top and bottom will NOT work.  Any pipe connected to the Junction box and basic logistics pipe will be powered.  There is no power loss over distance.

Whenever an item enters the system, it will go to it's set pipe or to a default route.  A default route can be created by going into the interface of a basic logistics pipe and click the Default route option to yes.  That way any unassigned items will be sent there instead of being spit out of the first logistics pipe it touches.

It should be noted that at any intersection, you need to put a basic logistics pipe.  If not,  the regular buildcraft mechanic will kick in and the item will be sent in a random direction.  Only basic logistics pipes can tell what items have been set in other logistics pipes.

Different PipesEdit

  • Basic Logistics Pipe: Can be set so that specific items will be sent to it.
  • Provider Logistics Pipe: When attached to an inventory, it allows things to be pulled out of the inventory via either a request pipe or a supplier pipe.
  • Request Logistics Pipe: When right clicked with a wrench, the request pipe interface will be pulled up.  From there, you can specify how many of an item you want using the buttons at the bottom of the interface.  Only items in inventories that have a provider pipe attacked that are connected to the request pipe via a pipe system can be viewed in the interface.
  • Supplier Logistics Pipe: This pipe can be set to pull a certain amount of items out of a provider pipe's inventory and keep those items in it's own inventory.  For instance, if you set the supplier pipe to keep 5 dirt in it's connected inventory, and it has 1 dirt already, it will ask for 4 dirt from any provider pipe in the system.  If at any time any dirt is pulled out, the supplier pipe will ask the provider pipes for more of the matterial until it has its specified amount.
  • Crafting Logistics Pipe: When attached to a logistics crafting table, it will supply the crafted recipe in the logistics crafting table when it is demanded either by a request pipe or supplier pipe.  There are slots for the input (the items used to craft) and the output (the crafted item) which can be set either by putting the items in like a diamond pipe or by pressing the import button in the interface, which will import the recipe of a connected logistics crafting table if a recipe has been placed in it.  Some recipes will have to entered manually like recipes in a carpenter for example.  This can be used with a variety of different machines.
  • Satellite Logistics Pipe: This pipe is a partner to the Crafting Pipe.  It allows for the delivery of items for the input aspect of the crafting pipe.  An example of this is if you were to use a Crafting pipe with a furnace, you need your items in the top of the furnace and your fuel in the bottom.  Set your items you want in the top in the unshaded area of the input slot and then set your fuel to the shaded spot named satellite (this is found in the Crafting pipe interface).  You also have to set a frequency to both the crafting pipe and satellite pipe via the interfaces so that the two pipes are paired.

Special ThanksEdit

I'd like to thank Direwolf 20 for letting me use his video tutorials for this wiki page.  That tutorial got me into the logistics pipe mod as do most of his videos.  I'll leave a link to the video and his channel below and obviously they will be used in the wiki page.

Mod Spotlight Logistics Pipes Part 1:

Mod Spotlight Logistics Pipes Part 2:
Mod Spotlight Logistics Pipes Part 2(30:15)
Mod Spotlight Logistics Pipes Part 1
Ygs50Added by Ygs50
Mod Spotlight Logistics Pipes Part 3:
Mod Spotlight Logistics Pipes Part 1(29:01)
Mod Spotlight Logistics Pipes Part 2
Ygs50Added by Ygs50
Mod Spotlight Logistics Pipes Part 3-0(28:28)
Mod Spotlight Logistics Pipes Part 3
Ygs50Added by Ygs50

His Channel:

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