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Logistics Pipes
Author(s) davboecki, theZorro266, AartBluestoke, ArtForz and GUIpsp
Version 0.7.2
Root Mod BuildCraft
Mod Type Storage Management
Mod Pack(s) Feed The Beast Retro SMP
Feed The Beast Retro SSP
Feed The Beast Unleashed
Direwolf20 1.5 Pack
Feed The Beast Monster
Direwolf20 1.6 Pack

Logistics Pipes is a BuildCraft add-on that allows one to build an advanced logistics network using a number of new pipes. Provider Logistics Pipes are used to provide and send items into the system upon demand from other pipes, either automatic ones such as the Supplier Logistics Pipe, or player-controlled ones like the Request Logistics Pipe. It is also possible to have items crafted automatically when necessary using Crafting Logistics Pipes.

A special kind of pipes are the Logistics Chassis, which can hold modules that give the chassis certain abilities. These modules are often equivalent in function to another logistics pipe, making it possible to combine multiple pipes' functionality into a single one.

As of Minecraft 1.5 liquids can also be handled by the logistics network to a certain extent, using a whole new set of Logistics Fluid Pipes.

Pipe/Module Functions Edit

There are a handful of main functions which pipes or modules can perform.

Function Meaning Pipes and Modules
Destination Serves as a destination for items in the system with no other target. Pipes or modules may serve either as a destination for specific items, or as a general one for any item. Destinations never actively request items from providers.
Requester Actively requests items to be delivered to it from providers. Unlike destinations these will not accept items that are not specifically sent to them.
Provider Provides items into the network and sends them when requested by requesters. They will never send items unless explicitly told to do so.

This table only covers the most important types of pipes and modules. There are many components which serve a more specific purpose and thus do not belong into any of these categories.

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