Lithium Cell
Grid Lithium Cell
Name Lithium Cell
Type Cell
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 21258:5
Source Mod GregTech

Lithium cells are a type of cell and are a good source of energy. Each cell can produce 60,000 EU and 24,000 heat.


Lithium cells are commonly obtained by processing Clay Dust in an Industrial Centrifuge and an Industrial Electrolyzer. There are numerous other methods for producing this item. Any object listing Li as an element can be processed to obtain Lithium Cells.


Lithium Cells can be used in Lithium Batteries which are more efficient than the basic RE Battery made from tin. Lithium batteries are also used in recipes for more advanced components and/or devices.

They can also be used in Semifluid Generators to generate EU at a reasonable rate.

Lithium cells can be combined with Wolframium Cells in a Fusion Reactor to create Iridium Ore.



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