Grid Liquiduct
Name Liquiduct
Type Pipe
Tool Grid Crescent Hammer
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod Thermal Expansion

A conduit which will transfer liquid from one place to another. The speed of the transfer varies depending on the liquid's viscosity and how full the pipe is (a fully pressurized pipe moves liquid faster).

Wrench MechanicEdit

A Crescent Hammer can be used to join adjacent Liquiducts. By default, a newly placed Liquiduct will not connect to another Liquiduct with a liquid already inside. To make the connection, simply wrench the appropriate face of either conduit at the junction - a connection will only be made on that side. Alternatively, using a wrench on a Liquiduct which is adjacent to something that liquid can be drained from will convert the Liquiduct to extraction mode. In this mode, simply provide the Liquiduct with a redstone signal and it will extract liquid from adjacent blocks.

Dismantle MechanicEdit

If dismantled (Sneak + Activate) with a wrench or a crescent hammer, the Liquiduct will instantly be removed.

Connection BehaviourEdit

Liquiducts can connect to a Railcraft Iron Tank valve, but only if the valve is placed on the second layer of the tank wall.


Liquid Capacity per duct Maximum Throughput Notes
Water 500 mB 100 mB/tick
Lava 80 mB/tick
Steam 800 mB 160 mB/tick This is 160 steam/tick
Biomass 500 mB 100 mB/tick
Biofuel 500 mB 100 mB/tick

Capacity can be measured with a multimeter, divide by the length of the liquiduct to get the per-duct value. Maximum throughput can be measured when the liquiduct is full.


Crafting GUI.png

Copper Ingot

Hardened Glass

Copper Ingot




Glacial Precipitator & Liquiducts - How to FTB in Minecraft - 33-009:55

Glacial Precipitator & Liquiducts - How to FTB in Minecraft - 33-0


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