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The Link Modifier is a Mystcraft block used to modify Linking Books. There are 5 different options that can be applied by the Link Modifier as well as an option to rename the book.


The Link Modifier has always been and will always be a debug block, not meant for gameplay. The things it offers will be available through other means. [1]  As of Mystcraft version 0.10.0, the recipe for the Link Modifier no longer functions, but it can still be spawned in Creative mode. The author states that book linking features (i.e. Intra-linking, Following, etc.) will be added in future updates.  [2]



Intra-age linking: Allows using a linking book that was created in the same age you are in. Useful for creating teleports between different areas in an age.

Following: Keeps the used linking book in your inventory, opposed to dropping it when used. Crucial for using linking books to teleport around. 

Generate Platform: Creates a small platform under the player once teleported. Useful for void worlds.

Retain Momentum: Allow an entity to retain their movement speed when teleported. Mainly used for crystal portals.

Disarm: Drops everything in the player's inventory when the linking book is used. 

[edit]Recipe (Pre-0.10.0)Edit


From Mystcraft 0.10.0 on, the Link Modifier can no longer be crafted, but the block still exists and functions, so it can be creatively spawned in.


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