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As shown on the wiki page stating the aspects of Thaumcraft in the chart linked below.

Lignum is based in thought and is labeled as Wood, Forest, Tree.

Below is a listing of some items and how much of this aspect they have.


Wood, Forest, Tree

  • Bed x 3
  • Charcoal x 2
  • Chest x 3
  • Crafting Table x 3
  • Jukebox x 3
  • Lever x 1
  • Log (any vanilla type) x 8*
  • Piston x 3
  • Redstone Repeater x 2
  • Saplings x 2
  • Sign x 1
  • Stick x 1*
  • Sticky Piston x 3
  • Tripwire Hook x 1
  • Note Block x 3
  • Wooden Bowl x 1
  • Wooden Button x 1
  • Wooden Door x 3
  • Wooden Fence x 1
  • Wooden Fence Gate x 5
  • Wooden Planks (any vanilla type) x 2 *
  • Wooden Pressure Plate x 3
  • Wooden Slab (any vanilla type) x 1 *
  • Wooden Stairs (any type) x 2 *
  • Wooden Tools x (depends on tool)


The easist way to get a lot of this element is to have a tree farm and use vanilla wooden planks, logs, or sticks.

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