Light Helmet
Grid Light Helmet
Type Armor
Source Mod GregTech

The Light Helmet is an armour item from GregTech which functions as a portable lamp powered by a Solar Helmet. When sunlight is hitting the Solar Panel of the Solar Helmet, the Luminator in the Light Helmet automatically turns off. When sunlight is not hitting the Solar Panel, it turns on. When the Light Helmet is turned on, it consumes 0.5 EU/t. The Light Helmet has 10,000 internal EU storage and will also automatically draw from any type of battery pack, such as a LapPackBatPack or any of their upgraded versions.


Crafting GUI.png



Light Helmet

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  • Doesn't do anything

    • Build it, charged it, nothing happens. Straight up doesn't work. Tried it on underground, outside at night, nothin. Worthless.
  • How long it lasts

    2 messages
    • If my calculatons are correct, fully chared it will last 5 an a half hours. is this true? 
    • .5 eu/t * 20t/sec = 10eu/sec 10,000 eu / 10 eu/sec = 1,000 seconds 1,000 seconds / 60 seconds/min = 16.67 minutes....between 1-2 minecraft days.

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