Lich towers are found in the Twilight Forest. They are large castle structures made of stone blocks. Most of the windows are filled with cobblestone. Inside, there are libraries, gardens, chest rooms and spawners. Mobs include skeletons, zombies and enchanted books.

There is a double spiral staircase in the main tower: one stone, one wood. Careful, there are several steps missing.

The top floor is wood and glass floor. This is where Lich is found.

Lich is a three stage fight:

  1. Reflect ender pearls back to Lich to remove his three shields. Evade the fireballs and ignore the minions.
  2. Kill the mobs that Lich spawns
  3. Melee with Lich

Note:  If the castle looks very ornate and made of anything other than stone, it is not a Lich tower but a WIP and does not contain treasure or a boss.

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