Lapotronic Energy Storage Unit
Lapatronic Energy Storage Unit
Name Lapotronic Energy Storage Unit
Type Block
Storage 1 million EU (increased via adding one or more LESU-Blocks)
Tool Grid Wrench
Stackable Yes
Data Value 702:7
Source Mod GregTech

The Lapotronic Energy Storage Unit allows you to store a variable amount of EU between 1 million and 2 billion. This amount can be increased by adding LESU-Blocks from a structure of LESU-Blocks stretching from the main LESU. To create a LESU structure, a central Lapotronic Energy Storage Unit block is necessary (shown in the Recipe section below.) This block should be placed in an area that can be connected to input and output cables easily, as the LESU-Blocks connected to the central LESU cannot send or receive power. The LESU can store 1 million EU without LESU-Blocks and has a base output of 5 EU/t. With each LESU-Block connected to the central LESU, the storage will increase by 1 million and the output rate will increase by 1 EU/t, while the input rate will stay at 32 EU/t (any input rate over 32 EU/t will result in explosion).

The LESU can hold a maximum of 2 billion EU, requiring 1,999 LESU-Blocks to create such storage capacity. The LESU's output rate is capped at 512 EU/t, requiring 507 LESU-Blocks to allow for such an output. At maximum storage it would take over 54 hours for the energy to drain, with a constant output of 512 EU/t. To reach the maximum energy storage amount, over 140,000 Lapis Lazuli would be necessary as well as several thousand Copper, Redstone/Electrum Ingots and Refined Iron. If the modpack has Xeno's Reliquary installed, it is heavily recommended to use higher-grade materials with Alkahest to convert to Lapis Lazuli Blocks, as diamonds yield two, and two gold yields one. This is an alternative if the player is having trouble finding the necessary Lapis Ore.

Recipe Edit

Crafting GUI.png

Advanced Circuit




Advanced Circuit

Lapotronic Energy Storage Unit

  • For some modpacks, the LESU block is not craftable.

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