1. Lapis Lazuli

1. Redstone Torch

Crafting GUI.png

Lapis Lazuli

Redstone Torch


Between two landmarks you can create a red beam. Just place them and right click a landmark.

If the following criteria are met the beam is showing:

- must be the same height level

- must be in the same row

- can NOT be more than 64 blocks away fr om each other


Landmarks connected and unconnected

If you want to create a rectangle (e.g. for a Quarry ) then you only need to place 3 landmarks. The landmarks autocomplete the rectangle.


Self completed rectangle. The rear right landmark is not needed

For additional help when placing landmarks you can power the landmark with a redstone signal. It will create blue helping lasers that reach out 64 blocks in every direction, even through other blocks. This makes it easier to lay out the other land marks.


Create assisting lasers by placing a redstone torch next to a landmark.

Feed the Beast Ultimate - Tutorial - Landmarks-000:00

Feed the Beast Ultimate - Tutorial - Landmarks-0

Video Tutorial

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