Grid LZH-Condensator
Type Item
Stackable no
Data Value 30083
Source Mod IndustrialCraft2

The LZH-Condensator is a component for the Nuclear Reactor. It is used to absorb heat. To use it, it must be placed in the GUI of the Nuclear Reactor.

The LZH-Condensator is the highest-tier coolant as it can dissipate up to 100,000 units of heat.


To recharge the LZH-Condensator, Lapis Lazuli or Redstone Dust is used. One Lapis Lazuli will recharge 40k while one Redstone Dust will recharge 5k.

Known BugsEdit

When using NEI, trying to switch between crafting recipes or trying to view usage recipes for the LZH-Condensator will cause the game to crash.


Crafting GUI.png

Redstone Dust


Redstone Dust

Reactor Heat Vent

Lapis Lazuli Block

Reactor Heat Exchanger

Redstone Dust


Redstone Dust


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