Knowledge Fragments are from the Thaumcraft 3 mod.

They can either be found in the Thaumcraft dungeons and in the steeple structure in villages or bought from the alchemist villager.

The Fragments can be used for research at the research table (16 Cognitio each) or crafted into unknown theories, that reveal secret knowledge.

Thaumonomicon entryEdit

"In your travels you might happen upon fragments of ancient and lost knowledge. On their own they aren't worth much, but if you gather enough of them you might gain unique research that you can pursue. Usually the research they reveal cannot be gained through normal means.

The fragments of knowledge can on occasion lead to a false theory, but this will be revealed when you attempt to research it. When this happens most of your knowledge fragments will be returned to you. When this happens it usually means you have exhausted all current avenues of research into lost knowledge."

List of secret researchEdit

Spoiler warning!

This part contains information of secrets which are intended to be discovered through in-game mechanics

  • 4 Accessories for the Golems
    • Top Hat: Increases maximum health
    • Tiny Spectacles: Increases sight
    • Tiny Fez: Increases health regeneration speed
    • Tiny Bowtie: Increases walkspeed
  • Golem Dart Launcher (gives combat golems ranged capability)
  • Golem Armor Plating (gives combat golems defence, at the cost of speed)
  • Golem Visor (gives combat golems a small armor bonus, and the ability that mobs they defeat now drop their experience orbs.

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