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Jet Boots are an intermediate modification to your Power Armor Feet that produce thrust and enhance airborne movement. They cost only half the materials that the Jetpack (Power Armor) costs, but do not enable constant flight.

More InformationEdit

The degree to which movement is affected by Jet Boots is dependent upon how heavy a player's power armor is, overall. The heavier the armor becomes, the less the thrust affects movement, though the boots will still consume the same amount of energy. If the player is too heavy, they will do nothing. They are activated any time the player is in the air and moving.

When activated, Jet Boots seem to have a predetermined amount of thrust per jump. As mentioned above, the weight of a player's power armor affects hang-time, altitude gain and speed of flight, both vertically and laterally. The thrust produced begins at maximum power, and slowly tapers off the longer a player is in the air. If your armor is light, the thrust won't completely diminish, and it is possible to climb continually. The effectiveness of a player's Jet Boots can be tested by simply standing in place and holding the spacebar.

Tips & TricksEdit

  • If one's Jet Boots are not producing a satisfactory amount of lift, the best solution is to reduce the overall weight of his or her Power Armor. One of the easiest ways to do this is to reduce armor plating and battery weight within each individual piece. This will, of course, reduce armor rating and energy capacity respectively, unless the player upgrades his or her armor and energy modules. This will allow the same functionality, but at a reduced weight, which will increase the benefits gained from Jet Boots.
  • A total weight of 25kg or below is recommended.
  • If a player stands at the bottom of a ladder, they may stand in place and hold the spacebar, and they will be propelled up the ladder much faster for a short period of time. If already on a ladder, holding the spacebar in conjunction with 'W' appears to have a very small effect on speed.
  • If one wishes to achieve a higher jump, one must activate the Jet Boots without pressing forward or back, otherwise most of the thrust will be spent on lateral velocity, rather than vertical lift. Strafing left or right, however, appears to have no effect on lift, and one may do it freely.
  • Jet Boots are at their most effective when coupled with a Glider to maximize distance and hang-time. With Jet Boots equipped, one need only hold Shift to activate the Glider (instead of Shift+W).
  • When gliding in any direction, one can release everything but the spacebar, and if that person's armor is light enough, they will gradually come to a halt in mid-air. Moving forward or backward will begin a descent, while strafing left or right will maintain altitude and allow you to hover.

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