Plutonium dust in an item added by Gregtech. It can be obtained by centrifuging uranium dust, grinding uranium ore in an industrial grinder, or crafted with UU-Matter and uranium dust.

It can also be obtained by centrifuging Charged isotopes, which is not very efficient.

The dust be used in high powered nuclear reactors, in the form of a plutonium cell.

Each plutonium dust is worth a minimum of 4 Million EU @10EU/T In a Nuclear reactor with a runtime of 5.5 Hours,

given the server has 20TPS. Heat generated is 9 per tick.

Each uranium dust is worth a minimum of 1 Million EU @5EU/T In a Nuclear reactor with a runtime of 2.75 Hours,

give a perfect TPS of 20. Heat generated is 4 per tick.

An important thing to note is that the plutonium cell outputs significantly more heat than its uranium counterparts

A single  overclocked heat vent is enough for any one SINGLE uranium or plutonium cell.

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