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Grid Isolator
Data Value 4004:1
Source Mod Extra Bees

The Isolator will isolate qualities from Bees into Serums. You provide a single bee and Empty Serum Vials, and it will extract random qualities from that bee at a rate of about 1 serum every 20 seconds. The filled serums can be used over and over in an Inoculator to apply those qualities to other bees.

Although it can't record all traits of a given bee in one go, like the Sequencer can, it has a large advantage in that most any trait can be extracted to a serum independently of others - from race (independent of other traits) through to lack of an effect (e.g., most standard bees don't affect the player when standing near their hive, and even that characteristic can be isolated and inoculated to bees that do affect the player). The Sequencer, on the other hand, is limited to recording only a small set of bee races, and won't work with the vast majority of species.

Requires Buildcraft 3 power and consumes it at a rate of 50MJ/tick (or 20,000MJ per operation). Can take an input of up to 1,000MJ/tick and has an internal storage of 60,000MJ (which slowly depletes whether the device is in use or not). The Isolator has slots for multiple stacks of bees and one stack of empty serum vials, plus additional slots for the vials it fills. Each operation has a chance of killing the bee, but most likely they'll survive and can either be left to create more serums or removed from the machine. Assuming the bee lives it won't lose the isolated trait.

Serums are created at "average" quality, with no charges. A Synthesizer can add up to 16 charges, but may lower the quality further. It can be restored with a Purifier before finally applying the serum to the desired bee with an Inoculator. Poor quality serums can be applied directly to bees without purification, but at increased risk of unintended side effects (up to and including death... perhaps even of the player!).

Awful => Poor => Average => Good => Excellent

Unwanted serums can be reverted to empty vials by running them through a Furnace or similar. Synthesis and purification require Liquid DNA, which can be created from excess bees using a Genepool.


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Blaze Rod

Blaze Rod


Advanced Genetic Machine



Blaze Rod

Blaze Rod



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Feed The Beast Machine Tutorials Isolator


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