Iron Transport Pipe
Grid Iron Transport Pipe
Type Pipe
Tool Any tool
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod Buildcraft 3
2012-12-14 20.13.28

Iron pipe combining two pipelines into a single output. The clear end indicates the output.

Iron Pipes are used to join multiple input pipes to one output pipe and allow you to control the direction of the item flow. This is useful when you have items coming from multiple directions. Unlike with other pipes, the Iron Pipe will not pop out blocks when it is not connected to anything else or if a chest, engine etc. is full. Instead, they will simply go back through the pipe.

The Iron Pipe can receive input from up to 5 sides, but will have only a single output. The output is indicated by the clear end of the pipe while the inputs are solid grey. The output direction can be changed by right-clicking the pipe with a BuildCraft Wrench. If no output is designated, items will go back the direction they came from. Iron pipes will never redirect to a Wooden Pipe.

Alternatively, the output direction can be changed using a redstone current. Each time the iron pipe either loses or gains redstone power, it will cycle to a different output. This makes it possible to control the output direction of the pipe from afar via redstone wiring or gates.

To transport liquids, Iron Waterproof Pipes are used.

Known BugsEdit

Iron Pipes will occasionally bug when they have more than 2 additional pipes connected. This bug presents itself as the pipe visually showing it will allow items to pass through in a direction, but instead the items either bounce back the way they came or move off in one of the blocked directions. This bug can be undone by exiting and re-entering the world/server.


Crafting GUI.png




Iron Transport Pipe



Crafting GUI.png

Pipe Waterproof

Iron Transport Pipe

Iron Waterproof Pipe

Video TutorialEdit

FTB Feed The Beast BuildCraft Transport Pipes ,Learn to Use and Automate23:24

FTB Feed The Beast BuildCraft Transport Pipes ,Learn to Use and Automate

Iron Transport Pipe - Buildcraft In Minutes01:12

Iron Transport Pipe - Buildcraft In Minutes


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