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Iron Tank Valve
Grid Iron Tank Valve
Type Block
Tool Any tool
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 1054:2
Source Mod Railcraft

Iron Tank Valve is used in the construction of tanks. It allows liquids to be pushed in and pulled out with Waterproof Pipes, it does require a Wooden Waterproof Pipe  to pump it out.

It is possible to replace an existing Iron Tank Wall or Iron Tank Gauge with an Iron Tank Valve by breaking the block and replacing it; the contents of the tank will not be lost unless the top or bottom center block is broken. Therefore it is not necessary to know exactly where valves will be needed before building a tank.

Though liquid can be pushed into the tank through a valve placed anywhere in the wall, it can only be pulled out from the bottom wall or the bottom layer of a side wall, no matter how full the tank is.

Iron Tank Valve can be connected to a Computer or an Advanced Computer with Wired Modems (works only if OpenPeripheral is installed) or by placing a Computer or an Advanced Computer directly next to it. This will let you get informations about the Iron Tank Multiblock like Amount, Capacity, etc. It will take "iron_tank_valve_XXX" or "rcirontankvalvetile_XXX" as peripheral name. You can use listMethods() to get a full list of the available functions.


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