Iron Tank
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 The Iron Tank is an expandable multiblock structure from railcraft that holds a large amount of liquid. It can hold any liquid from water to bee DNA, Creosote Oil, or Honey. The dimensions of its base can be 3x3, 5x5, 7x7 or 9x9 and it can be 4 to 8 blocks tall. The capacity of the tank varies according to its size.

Constructing an Iron TankEdit

Components: Iron Tank WallIron Tank GaugeIron Tank Valve

Use Iron Tank Wall blocks to build the top and bottom frames and the corner posts.

Then fill in the four side panels and top and bottom with any Iron Tank related blocks, i.e. valve, gauge or wall blocks. As long as the wall-block frame remains intact, there are no holes, and the tank is hollow, made of only tank-related materials, and fits within the required dimensions, it should work fine. Gauge blocks indicate how full the tank is by changing colour on the inside of the block to the level of the liquid contained, giving the appearance of liquid inside the tank. However, they serve only an aesthetic purpose.

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The outer frame of an Iron Tank must be constructed of Iron Tank Wall blocks.

Diameters Heights Walls needed. ingots needed
3 4 34 20
3 5 42 24
3 6 50 28
3 7 58 32
3 8 66 36
5 4 82 44
5 5 98 52
5 6 114 60
5 7 130 68
5 8 146 76
7 4 146 76
7 5 170 88
7 6 194 100
7 7 218 112
7 8 242 124
9 4 226 116
9 5 258 132
9 6 290 148
9 7 322 164
9 8 354 180

Adding and Removing LiquidsEdit

Liquid is pumped into and out of the Iron Tank through valve blocks, using pipes, tubes or other machines with powered liquid outputs (such as the Aqueous Accumulator). Liquid can be pumped in from anywhere, but to get access to the full contents of the tank, it must be pumped out from the bottom two layers.

Tanks can be manually filled as well. Right-click to open the GUI; the contents Buckets, Cells, Tin Cans and other liquid containers can be added by dropping them into the top right side of the UI. All containers but Buckets will be destroyed, however.

Right-clicking an Iron Tank with a Bucket or liquid container will fill the Bucket if there is enough liquid in the tank, and right-clicking with a full container will add its liquid to the tank (destroying any liquid containers other than buckets).


As the size of the tank increases, so does its efficiency in terms of materials required. The capacity is 16 Buckets (16,000 mB) per block of volume, including the empty space inside, while the cost is 1 Iron Plate per block of frame and siding. A 3x3 tank built 4 high has a capacity of 576,000 mB and costs 34 iron plates, for ~16.94 buckets per plate, a 7x7 tank built 8 high has a capacity of 6,272,000 mB and costs 242 iron plates, for ~25.92 buckets per plate, and a 9x8x9 tank has a capacity of 10,368,000 mB and costs 354 iron plates for ~29.29 buckets per plate.

Larger tanks also offer more places for Iron Tank Valves (You could even potentially have one side of the tank dedicated to importing/exporting liquids if need be) offering higher output.

Video TutorialEdit

This shows you a practical use of iron tanks.

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