Iron Ore
Iron Ore-256pxTEST
Name Iron Ore
Type Ore
Tool Grid Stone Pickaxe
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod Vanilla
Iron Ore is a vanilla block naturally generated in layers 1-64. There are about 77 iron ore blocks per chunk (in vanilla minecraft). Iron Ore can be aquired through the use of a stone pickaxe or higher.

Iron ore veins can vary in size, though the most common size is 2x2x2.  Each block in the vein which would otherwise be stone has a random chance of being iron ore instead (therefore it is good to check around a located ore block for more ore, as ore blocks may be only diagonally adjacent rather than face-to-face). If the vein intersects a cave or other structure, part of it may be replaced with empty air.  King Lemming's Thermal Expansion increases the size of all vanilla minecraft ore veins in the 1.5 packs.

In Thaumcraft 3, Iron Ore contains 6 Metallum Aspects.

Common UsesEdit

Machine Output Note
Furnace 1 Iron Ingot IC2 adds faster and more efficient furnaces. 
Macerator, Industrial Grinder or Pulverizer 2 Iron DustTiny PIle of Tin DustTiny Pile of Nickel Dust Requires EU
Industrial Blast Furnace Refined Iron Also uses Calcium Carbonate Cells.
Blast Furnace 1 Steel Ingot Also Requires Coal Coke.

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