A GregTech addon. This mortar is made from Refined Iron and Stone Bricks. It is capable of grinding harder metals such as brass and iron. It also has a much higher durability than the simple single use Flint Mortar.

It can be used 128 times before it wears out and does not stack. When the Iron Mortar breaks it leaves four Tiny Pile of Iron Dust.


Possible RecipesEdit

Input Output Notes
Coal Hydrated Coal Dust Yes
Gold Ingot Gold Dust
Clay (Block) Clay Dust Not Ball
Copper Ingot Copper Dust
Tin Ingot Tin Dust
Silver Ingot Silver Dust
Electrum Ingot Electrum Dust
Brass Ingot Brass Dust
Iron Ingot Iron Dust
Refined Iron Iron Dust

Ratios are 1:1

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