The most basic drill. Very cheap to make, very cheap to add, but very slow.

The Iron DrillEdit

The Iron Drill digs out a 3X3 hole and is the only drill to fit on the wooden and pumpkin hulls.

Iron Drill
Grid Iron Drill
Name Iron Drill
Stackable yes
Modular Cost 3
Contruction Time 3s
Tool Type Drill
Source Mod Steve's Carts 2


This is how its made:

Crafting GUI.png

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot

Iron Drill

Mining SpeedEdit

Here are some examples of the mining speed from this tool.

Block Time
Dirt 1 sec
Stone 3 sec
any Ore 6 sec
Spider Web 8 sec
Mob Spawner 10 sec
Ender chest 45 sec
Obsidian 1m 40sec

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