Iridiium-Reinforced Tungstensteel Block
Name Iridiium-Reinforced Tungstensteel Block
Type Block
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminance No
Tool Grid Diamond Pickaxe
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 704:9
Source Mod GregTech

The Iridium-Reinforced Tungstensteel Block is an upgraded version of the Reinforced Stone. It is added by the GregTech mod. It's main purpose seems to be containment of nuclear reactors, but the same containment can be achieved by using the Tungstensteel Block which is much cheaper to produce.


In controlled tests of reactor explosions it was found that the Iridium-Reinforced Tungstensteel Block is completely blast-proof. It was able to safely contain an explosion power of over 1000 (which is the biggest explosion one can produce with a nuclear reactor). The lower tier Tungstensteel Block can contain the same explosion.

In comparison a Reinforced Stone fails at an explosion power of between 26 and 30(Approximately 8-10 Uranium Cells).

Obsidian failed at anything above 12 (1 uranium cell).

Tests were conducted using a hollow 5x5 cube of the above materials, containing a 6 chamber reactor. 1090 explosion power was reached by completely filling it with quad-plutonium cells. 


Crafting GUI.png

Iridium Reinforced Stone

Tungstensteel Ingot


Crafting GUI.png

Tungstensteel Block

Iridium Ingot


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