Invincible Bees are one of several end of the line possibilities of the Metallic Branch.  It is obtained by crossbreeding Resilient and Ender Bees, it is a rare chance.

Despite their species name, they have no effect trait.


Invincible Bees produce rocky and tungsten combs.  Tungsten combs are useless unless gregtech is part of the modpack.  If Gregtech is installed, when processed in a centrifuge, it'll give a tiny pile of tungsten dust as well as a low chance of beeswax and a honey drop.

Four tiny piles of tungsten dust will make a regular tungsten dust, which can be smelted in an industrial blast furnace at a requirement of at least 2,500 K heat capacity.  Tungsten is used in highly advanced recipes and many alternative recipes (like mixed metal ingots).

They produce tungsten combs at the same speed as Diamond and Valuable bees produce their rare mineral combs, very slowly.  Making this alternative very ineffective with just one Invincible Queen.  Even then, Tungsten's more widely available than Diamond and Platinum, especially at The End from Tungstate ore, provided if one has a jetpack.


  1. Bee Species
  2. Bee Breeding

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