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Invar Dust
Grid Invar Dust
Type Dust
Stackable Yes(64)
Source Mod GregTech

Thermal Expansion

Invar Blend is a dust present in GregTech and Thermal Expansion which is used to craft Invar Ingots.


Invar Blend is produced when combining two piles of Iron Dust with a pile of Nickel Dust. This results in 3 piles of invar dust. Two piles of Iron Dust and a pile of Pulverized Ferrous Metal will also produce Invar Blend.

Invar Blend is used to make Invar Ingots which are needed to produce Gas Turbines, Invar Gears, Magmatic Engines, and Induction Smelters in Thermal Expansion.

It can also be used to generate larger quantities of Mixed Metal Ingots (4/5 per crafting)


Crafting GUI.png

Iron Dust

Nickel Dust

Iron Dust



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