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This machine injects a Serum into a live bee, applying traits collected using an Isolator. Each injection uses up one charge on the serum and replaces either an active or inactive trait at random; if the trait already matches, then the charge is wasted, along with the bucketloads of time and MJ the machine consumes.

Although the required infrastructure is expensive, inoculation allows you to replace most ANY trait on a bee without altering others. For example, if you have a nocturnal, fast-producing, rain tolerating, player-health-regenerating etc. bee, you can switch its race to that of any other bee species you've managed to isolate - WITHOUT altering any of those other traits. Have a bee that damages you whenever you're near its habitat (or worse)? No problem! Wipe that effect, or... turn it into, say, free XP generation. Having trouble generating a pure version of that new bee race, keep on getting hybrids? No problem! Grant them maximum fertility, put the resulting glurge of drones through the isolator for a racial serum. Whatever you've come across in other species can be readily merged to create that perfect bee.

Each operation takes one minute forty seconds, assuming you can supply the 25MJ/tick required for full speed (50,000MJ per inoculation attempt). The machine has an internal storage of 75,000MJ, though this slowly depletes over time if not used.

Due to the random application of traits to a bee's active/inactive sides, expect to use an average of  three or four serum charges per fully inoculated bee. Inoculated Queens will still pass on the traits of their pre-Inoculated selves (and/or their mated drone?) to offspring, so instead fully inoculate a princess and drone and breed them together to ensure their children retain the new traits. Hence you'll want at least eight charges available on your serum before you attempt to put it into use.

There are six input slots (upper) and six output slots (lower). If a bee is placed into the machine that already fully matches the serum in the single leftmost slot, it will block operation until manually removed - otherwise it'll automatically move to the output area when inoculation is fully complete and both active/inactive traits match that of the serum.

The Synthesizer may add charges to your serums, but at the cost of purity. Inoculation with impure serums may lead to defects in the resulting bees (e.g., possible failure of queens to produce new princesses), so avoid this by putting them through a Purifier until it refuses to work on them any more (don't just wait until it describes them as "Excellent", wait until the machine stops!).


Crafting GUI.png

Magma Cream

Magma Cream

Empty Serum Vial

Magma Cream

Advanced Genetic Machine


Magma Cream

Magma Cream

Empty Serum Vial



Feed The Beast Machine Tutorials Inoculator02:52

Feed The Beast Machine Tutorials Inoculator


File:Block Spotlight - Innoculator

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