Industrious Bee
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Industrious bees are the highest level of the Industrious Branch of bees.  They can be created by breeding Diligent and Unweary bees (8% chance).  Industrious bees produce Stringy Comb and Pollen.  They are the only species of bee that produces pollen.

"Highly sought after bee; Specialises in the production of exquisite pollen."

Industrious bees can be further mutated into Icy, Distilled, and Timely bees. 

Default TraitsEdit

  • Speed: Slow
  • Lifespan: Normal
  • Fertility: 2 drones
  • Pollination: Fast
  • Flowers: Normal flowers
  • Temperature: Normal +/- 0
  • Humidity: Normal +/- 0

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