Industrial Steam Engine
Grid Industrial Steam Engine
Name Industrial Steam Engine
Type Engine
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod Railcraft

The Industrial Steam Engine is the highest tier of the engines added by Railcraft. It can output up to 80 RF (8 MJ) per tick and will consume up to 40 Steam per tick. It can hold 8,000 mB of Steam. When you apply a redstone signal, the Industrial Steam Engine will start taking steam and producing Energy.


3. Steel Plate

1. Glass

1. Piston

2. Steel Gear

Crafting GUI.png

Steel Plate

Steel Gear

Steel Plate



Steel Plate

Steel Gear

Industrial Steam Engine


Railcraft Tutorial - Steam Turbine & Railcraft Steam Engines-138634662816:00

Railcraft Tutorial - Steam Turbine & Railcraft Steam Engines-1386346628


How To Produce Steam Edit

This video demonstrates how to make a large quantity of steam and how to store it for later use. It also shows how to use tree farms so that your steam factory will run perpetually.

Industrial Steam Engines

A row of Industrial Steam Engines.

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