Industrial Sawmill
File:Block Industrial Sawmill.png
Type Machine
Tool Grid Wrench (Industrialcraft)
Stackable Yes
Source Mod GregTech
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The Industrial Sawmill is a multi-block GregTech machine which allows you to get more planks out of wood.  The output is the same as the Thermal Expansion Sawmill except it is not configurable as to the primary and secondary products going different directions. It requires a constant supply of water and takes a constant 32 Eu/t to continuously function.

For 1 vanilla wood block, you get 6 planks and 1 Wood Pulp. (If you use a water bucket, you get your bucket back too)

Thaumcraft Greatwood and Silverwood do not work in this machine.

Wood from both types of Rubber trees gives 1 Sticky Resin and 16 Wood Pulp.

Twilight Forest biome trees give 6 vanilla planks and 1 Sawdust (Root blocks do not work in this machine.) ExtraBiomesXL trees and Forestry bred trees give 6 of their own planks and 1 sawdust.


You'll need 8 Standard Machine Casings and 1 Reinforced Casing for the structure. Build a hollow 3x3 with the standard machine casings and place the reinforced casing in the center. Then place the sawmill on top of the reinforced casing.


Crafting GUI.png


Diamond Sawblade

Advanced Circuit

Advanced Circuit

Diamond Sawblade

Advanced Machine Block


Diamond Sawblade

Advanced Circuit

Industrial Sawmill

The industrial sawmill block itself requires 2 IndustrialCraft's Pump (IndustrialCraft 2)s, 3 Advanced Circuits, 3 Diamond Sawblades and an Advanced Machine Block to make. This block must be placed on a Reinforced Machine Casing block which in turn has to be surrounded by 8 Standard Machine Casing blocks.

Video TutorialEdit

Feed The Beast Machine Tutorials Industrial Sawmill04:32

Feed The Beast Machine Tutorials Industrial Sawmill

This video goes over how to build, power and automate the Industrial Sawmill, as well as the uses and resources needed for it.

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