Industrial Information Panel
Grid Industrial Information Panel
Type Machine
Transparency No
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod Nuclear Control

The Industrial Information Panel is a machine added by Nuclear Control. It displays information about various block depending on the card used.

A redstone current is required to activate the information panel. Although it is designed for IC2, no energy input is required to power the panel and its extensions; just redstone. It can connect to a machine (given the correct sensor card) within 8 blocks of it. If the target block is further away than that you can upgrade the range.

This block can be dismantled using at least an Iron Pickaxe, no wrench is required.


Crafting GUI.png

Glass Pane

Lime Dye

Ink Sac

Glass Pane

Electronic Circuit

Redstone Dust

Glass Pane

Lime Dye

Ink Sac

Industrial Information Panel




Industrial information panel with a liquid sensor card

Industrial Information Panel needs a sensor card. It accepts these cards

The Panel can be extended by placing Information Panel Extenders next to it.

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