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Grid Indexer

The Indexer is an unlimited storage chest for bees, unlike an Apiarist's Chest which can only hold 125 stacks of bees. To store bees, simply shift-click.


  • Taking a bee out of the indexer tends to crash the game. It seems like the first time you remove a bee, the game crashes. Boot up the game and try again and it should work from then on.
  • Clicking bees into the indexer does nothing. Instead, you must shift-click bees into the indexer.
  • When filled with roughly over 100 bees, the sorting mechanism doesn't work perfectly, so some hunting may be necessary to find the bees you are looking for.
  • Sometimes opening the interface can completely crash the game. Breaking the indexer temporarily fixes this issue.
  • Because of the way the Indexer's GUI works, even on very high end computers, you can lag severely if you have lots of bees, with a marked drop in FPS when you're in the menu, this may even go to the extent of crashing the client.
  • If any of the above bugs occur, breaking the indexer will release all the stored bees, but take care as large number of floating entities will drop fps or maybe even crash your client
  • Putting bees into the indexer via pipes prevents them from stacking.


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Apiarist Machine







File:Block Spotlight - Indexer

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