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Hot Tungstensteel Ingot
File:Grid Hot Tungstensteel Ingot.png
Name Hot Tungstensteel Ingot
Type Ingot
Stackable Yes (64)
Source Mod GregTech

Hot Tungstensteel Ingot is a type of ingot added in GregTech.


Hot tungsteel ingots can be made by smelting Steel Ingots and Tungsten Ingots together in an Industrial Blast Furnace. This reaction requires 3000K heat capacity which means that most of the casings making up the structure have to be Advanced Machine Casing blocks. Dark Ashes are created as a by-product.


If Hot Tungsteel Ingots are put inside a powered Vacuum Freezer a Tungstensteel Ingot will be made. This process consumes 57600 EU and takes 22 seconds.