You can get honey by putting bee Combs in a Centrifuge. It is used to get liquid honey which you can use in a biogas engine.

From a commment

"First of all to get a steady supply of honey, you will need to have a good understanding on bees and breeding. Honey comb is the first step to getting honey drops. Honey drops can be achieved by centrifuging honey comb. You can breed bees in a scpecific way to achieve the maximum amount of honey comb and the fastest working bee, for more detail on bees see the wiki page. Honey drops (from the freshly centrifuged honey comb) can then be placed in a squeezer (the squeezer will need to be powered by mj). honey will then be built up on the bar to the right. honey can then be fermented into biomass which works as a very good fuel source for biogas engines, particularly to power quarries."

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