Hives (End hive not shown)

Hives naturally occur in the wild. Some can be easily found, while others are well camouflaged.

There are eleven types of hives:

  1. Forest hive
  2. Meadows hive
  3. Desert hive
  4. Jungle hive
  5. Snow hive
  6. Swamp hive
  7. Water hive
  8. Rock hive
  9. Marble hive
  10. Nether hive
  11. End hive

To successfully harvest a hive, a Scoop, Mining Laser, Wand of Excavation, or Quarry is needed. If the hive is broken with any other tool, the player will not get any bees or product from it.

Getting a hive block

It is possible to get a hive block with a Portal Gun (or maybe a Gravity Gun ) by pressing G to grab it as an entity then place it in a transparent block, e.g.: Torch(?). Then it will pop into a hive block, which you can replace later to get the bees with a scoop or use it as decor.

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