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The Harvester is a machine included in the MineFactory Reloaded mod to make harvesting trees and berries from Oreberry Bushes easy. Typically used in conjuction with a Planter. When this combination is used with higher tier upgrades, you'll top off Barrels with wood in no time, even without fertilizer.


The Harvester will harvest crops in front of it in a 3x3 square. It will output all collected items in either an adjacent chest or a connected Transport Pipe (can be any pipe). Might also work with an ME Import Bus connected to an ME Network . The Harvester also produces sludge at 10mB for each operation, which can be piped into a Sludge Boiler which can hold 4000mB of sludge. Alternatively you can pipe it into regular, Iron or Steel tanks and extract it from there.

The range can be extended with an Upgrade (Emerald), increasing the radius by 11. If an upgrade is used, another of the same tier must be used in the Planter to fully make use of them.

The Harvester has additional configuration options in its GUI to allow the shearing of leaves (rather than destroying them for saplings), harvesting of small mushrooms, and harvesting jungle wood (option for Cocoa Beans). The machine uses 60EU or 24MJ per action.


Requires the following raw materials:

Crafting GUI.png

Plastic Sheets


Gold Ingot

Iron Axe

Machine Frame

Redstone Reception Coil

Plastic Sheets


Gold Ingot


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