The Grind Stone is used as an alternate way to pulverize items into dust such as the following: Glowstone (4), Quartz(4**), Iron(1*), Gold(1*), Obsidian (1 Pulverized), Charcoal (1), Ender Pearl (1), Titanium (1), Chrome(1), Electrum(1), Tungsten(1), Lead(1***), Zinc(1), Brass(1), Steel(1), Platinum(1), Nickel(1),Thorium(1), Plutonium(1), Copper(1), Tin(1), Bronze(1),Wheat(2),  and Silver(1).

           *use the ore you get 2

           **use the ore you get 10

           *** use the ore you get 2 Pulverized Lead

I In Blood 'n Bones it can also be used to mill wheat into flour.

To Operate

Place on the ground and right-click on it with the Wooden Crank which is placed on top of this machine. Then place one of the items listed in the slot above and right-click the crank to operate.

Note: It is impossible to right click the Wooden Crank via automation, such as Turtles.

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