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A Greatwood Tree found in the wild.

Greatwood Trees are randomly-generated trees from the Thaumcraft 3 mod. They are very large: they can spawn more than 30 blocks tall. They usually only generate in areas with high Vis. They are a source of Greatwood Logs and Greatwood Saplings.

Despite having a 2 by 2 trunk they only need one sapling and will grow as long the blocks South, East and Southeast aren't obstructed.

Since it drops more than one sapling upon cutting it down (at least bigger trees) it can be farmed like most other trees. They can be used as a fast resource of magic Aspects if there is no chiseled sandstone available, but mind the Flux created by wasting the wood Aspects.

Sometimes you might find a wild growing Greatwood tree with cobwebs. Those are special and could be worth the exploration trip needed to find them. It is advised that you would approach one in daylight, as there is a spider spawner directly under the trunk of the tree and under the spawner there is also a chest.

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