Grid GraviTool
Name GraviTool
Type Tool
Max Energy 100,000 EU
Stackable No
Source Mod GraviSuite
A GraviSuite mod item that can function as a Hoe, IC2 Wrench, Treetap, and Redpower 2 Screwdriver. You can switch between each feature with the mode switch key (default M). To do this hold down the mode switch key and right click. The current mode it is in will be displayed beside its name. It holds 100000 EU and can be charged in a MFE or MFSU. It also charges normally from Lappacks,Advanced Electric Jetpacks and GraviChestPlates .

The GraviTool, when used as a wrench, is much more energy efficient than a normal electric wrench. The GraviTool only uses 500 EU per machine and returns the machine 100% of the time, as opposed to an electric wrench on lossless mode, which uses 10 000 EU per machine.


Crafting GUI.png

Carbon Plate

Advanced Alloy

Electric Wrench

Electric Hoe

Energy Crystal

Advanced Circuit

Carbon Plate

Advanced Alloy

Electric Treetap


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