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The Goggles of Revealing are a magical item that can be worn in the helmet section of your armor bar. They can tell how much of which aspect are in crucibles, alembic, and warded jars. They can also tell the amount of aura and flux in the atmosphere. When used in an area without nodes they do not display anything.

Thaumonomicon EntryEdit

The Goggles of Revealing are well suited to divining the mystical world. Not only do they make aura nodes visible, they also allow their wearer to see the mystical interplay between nearby nodes.

Another useful feature of the goggles is that while wearing them, you can see the precise mixture of aspects within a crucible.


Made on an Infusion Altar

Must be researched before being crafted.

Aspects: 8x Mutatio, 8x Visum, 8x Praecantatio, 8x Cognitio, 8x Tutamen


The Goggles can be applied to the Power Armor in the form of the Aurameter upgrade, however upon doing this, the goggles lose the ability to see nodes themselves, and see the contents of crucibles and warded jars.

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