Glittering Bee
Latin Name Pluriapis aureus Description:
Discovered by Binnie No Description Provided.
Added by Mod Extra Bees
Branch Precious Branch
Product Specialty

 Rocky Comb

Base Chance: 20%

 Golden Comb

Base Chance: 2%

Default AttributesEdit

Speed Slowest Cave Dwelling Yes
Lifespan Shorter Nocturnal Yes
Fertility 1 Drones Rain Tolerant Yes
Pollination Slowest Temperature Normal
Territory 9x6x9 Temp. Tolerance +-2
Flowers Rock Humidity Normal
Effect None Humid. Tolerance +-2


Mutates from

Mutates to

Parent 1 Parent 2 Result Chance
Resolute Noble  Glittering 2%
Parent 1 Parent 2 Result Chance
Glittering Shining [6] Precious 2%
Glittering Ender [8]  Valuable 2%
Glittering [9] Nuclear [10] Radioactive

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