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Glass Fibre Cable

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Glass Fibre Cable
Grid Glass Fibre Cable
Type Cable
Tool Any tool
Renewable No
Stackable Yes
Source Mod IndustrialCraft 2

Glass Fibre Cable is a Cable (HV) added by IndustrialCraft 2. You cannot be shocked by this cable. Glass Fibre cables can be painted with a Painter.


Glass Fibre Cable can handle a maximum of 512 EU/T (High Voltage). Any higher and the cable will explode! This cable has a very low distance-related energy loss.

The cable can handle a current of 1,000,000 packets, which can make it deliver 512,000,000 EU/t.

EU InfoEdit

  • If you have 4 MFSU's and Glass Fibre Cable connected to the front of those MFSU's the cable will be receiving 4 Packets of 512 EU/T.
  • If you connect a HV Transformer up to a power source (such as an IDSU that outputs 2,048 EU), the transformer output will be 4 packets of 512 EU in 1 T. If you connect a power source, such as a Quantum Generator outputting anywhere over 512 EU/t per packet ratio, the glass fibre(and whatever is connected to it) will explode.
  • Glass Fibre cable will lose 1 EU per 40 blocks distance.

The Glass Fibre Cable is NOT capable of handling anything higher than 512EU packets.

Cable type EU/b Energy loss
Glass Fibre Cable 0.025

1 EU every 40 blocks


Glass Fibre CableEdit

Note: The diamond in all recipes can be substituted by Diamond Dust.

Unconfirmed BugsEdit

Warning for Some Multiplayer Users: On our server, The cable had a Smoking effect, which stopped.  The server crashed witha ic2 error caused by that cable but the world save was not corrupted.

Video Tutorials

This is a video that will explain EU power to intermediate and advanced players.
Tekkit Tutorial - Industrial Craft EU Power for Intermediate and Advanced Players 17:19

Tekkit Tutorial - Industrial Craft EU Power for Intermediate and Advanced Players

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