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The Galgadorian Drill digs out a 9x9 hole and is faster than the Hardened Drill. You are going to need a Reinforced Hull to use it. While this drill is incredibly powerful, it is also very expensive. If you make a MystCraft world with dense ores then it is highly likely that you will be able to recover all the diamonds you utilised for this drill.


Crafted with 2 Galgadorian Metal Bars, 1 Diamond Block, 1 Hardened Drill and 3 Enhanced Galgadorian Metal Bars.

Crafting GUI.png

Galgadorian Metal

Block of Diamond

Galgadorian Metal

Enhanced Galgadorian Metal

Hardened Drill

Enhanced Galgadorian Metal

Enhanced Galgadorian Metal

Galgadorian Drill

Raw materials:

68 Iron Ingot

195 Diamonds

156 Obsidian

45 Ender Pearl

113 Blaze Rod

180 Slime Ball

90 Ghast Tear

90 Spider Eye

90 Brown Mushroom

90 Sugar

Mining Speed

Here are some examples of the mining speed from this tool.

Block Time
Dirt 1 t
Stone 1 t
any Ore 1 t
Spider Web 1 t
Mob Spawner 1 t
Ender chest 1 t
Obsidian 1 t

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