Frames are craftable items added to Forestry for Bee Keeping. There are 3 types of frames; Untreated Frame, Impregnated Frames, and Proven Frames.

The first two frames can be made by the player, by placing either sticks or impregnated sticks around a piece of string, but the Proven Frame may only be purchased from NPC Villagers. Frames increase the production rate of apiaries by 10% per frame, no matter the type. The difference between frames however, is the lifespan. Untreated Frames have the shortest lifespan whereas Proven have the longest. Frames are placed in the three square slots between the Drone and Princess/Queen slots and the output slots. The order or combination of frames does not affect production, only the number.

Frames were added as a buff to bee breeding for SMP Servers as an apiary in the most recent version of forestry without any frames will have 30% less productivity than previous versions of forestry.

Thaumcraft 3 and Thaumic Bees mod adds the following additional frames to FTB:

Magic Frame

Metabolic Frame

Necrotic Frame

Temporal Frame

Gentle Frame

Resilient Frame

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