Frame Motor
Frame Motor
Name Frame Motor
Type Machine
Stackable Yes
Data Value 763:7
Source Mod RedPower 2

The Frame Motor is a block that can move Support Frames. It needs Blutricity and a Redstone pulse to work; the Blutricity powers the motor and Redstone activates it. You can use a Lever to manually activate the Frame Motor which will move a Block or Frame one block at a time. You can also use a timer with a Lever to have continuous movement until it is switched off.

When powered, this Motor will try to move any block on its "top" side in the direction indicated by the arrow. If the block connected to the side is a Support Frame, it will try to move the whole Frame and connected blocks. Motors cannot move unbreakable blocks like Bedrock.

There are 2 blue points and a red point on 2 faces. When the motor has Blutricity, the blue points become lit up, and when it is activated the red point lights up.

You can change the direction that the Frame Motor will move the frames by using a Screwdriver or Sonic Screwdriver to change the Motor's orientation. Shift-Right-Click will cycle through to make each side face up and Right-Click will spin the Motor on an up/down axis.

The Frame Motor requires 60V to function.


5. Iron Ingot

1. Blulectric Motor

2. Brass Ingot

1. Blue Alloy Ingot

Crafting GUI.png

Iron Ingot

Brass Ingot

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot

Blulectric Motor

Blue Alloy Ingot

Iron Ingot

Brass Ingot

Iron Ingot

Frame Motor


File:Block Spotlight - Frame Motor
TheMindCrafters - Let's Build an Airship - Episode 1 - Frames and Frame Motors21:01

TheMindCrafters - Let's Build an Airship - Episode 1 - Frames and Frame Motors

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