Forgecraft is the set of private whitelisted servers for mod developers to gather and beta-test their mods in a private environment. Many YouTubers and live-streamers also gather on the server to interact with the mod developers, help play-test the mods, and create videos to let the general public know what the mod developers are doing. The ForgeCraft servers are private, whitelisted, and invitation-only.

Forgecraft Players Edit

Name Reddit MineCraft Skin Search Youtube  Twitch Twitter
Adubbz Adubbz
Alexandria ArashiDragon ArashiDragon majstorm ArashiDragon ArashiDragon
Amnet amnet futureamnet
Aureylian Aureylian Aureylian aureylian aureylian
Azanor azanor azanor1
Binnie binnie567 Binnie567 Binnie567 Binnie567
ChickenBones chicken_bones
Cloudy Cloudy1 Cloudhunter CloudyPSP CloudyPSP Cloudhunter
Cojo Cojomax99 Cojomax99 Cojomax99 Cojomax99
Consolegrl consolegrl consolegrl
Corosus Corosus Corosus
CovertJaguar CovertJaguar CovertJaguar CovertJaguar CovertJaguar
cpw minecraftcpw cpw11 djsmeguk cpw11 minecraftcpw
dan200 dan200 dan200 GordonFreedan DanTwoHundred
DaStormBringer DaStormBringer
Direwolf20 Direwolf20 direwolf20 direwolf20 Direwolf20 Direwolf20
Dunkleosteus nikstick22 nikstick22 nikstick22 dunkleosteus TFC_Dunk
Ecu EcuTruin EcuTruin
EddieRuckus EddieRuckus EddieRuckus EddieRuckus Eddie_Ruckus
ElectronicBird ElectronicBird ElectronicBird
Eloraam Eloraam Eloraam TheRealEloraam
EvilSeph IronSeph EvilSeph EvilSeph
Faunastar faunastar
FireBall1725 FireBall1725 FireBall1725 FireBall1725 FireBall1725
Florastar florastar florastar florastar Florastar florastar
Forstride TDWP_FTW TDWP_FTW Forstride
Grue c4ts
Grum _Grum Grumm _grum
IceBlade IceBladeRage
iChun oHaiiChun ohaiiChun ohaiiChun ohaiiChun ohaiiChun
KingLemming KingLemming KingLemmingCoFH
Krapht Krapht FineIllCreateOneThen KraphtEU KraphtEU
LexManos LexManos LexManos LexManos LexManos
MachineMuse Clairetic MekMuse
MattaBase TheMattaBase TheMattaBase TheMattaBase
mDiyo mDiyo mDiyo mDiyo mDiyo Merdiwen
Mead SOTMead SOTMead SOTMead SOTMead
Mikeemoo Mikeemoo Mikeemoo Mikeemoo1000 OpenMods_Mikee OpenMods
Minalien Minalien Minakun Minalien
MisterFiber MisterFiber MisterFiber
Morvelaira Morvelaira Morvelaira Morvelaira Morvelaira
Myrathi Myrathi Myrathi Myrathi
MysteriousAges MysteriousAges MysteriousAges MysteriousAges
Nekosune Nekosune nekosune
Neptunepink magmaCube neptunepink
Nuchaz Nuchaz
odedex odedex odedex odedex
OvermindDL1 OvermindDL1 OvermindDL1 OvermindDL1 OvermindDL1
Pahimar pahimar Pahimar Pahimar Pahimar Pahimar
Player sfPlayer1
ProfMobius ProfMobius
PurpleMentat PurpleMentat PurpleMentat PurpleMentat
Rorax MCRorax Rorax RoraxPlays Rosespikes
Sacheverell Sacheverell MrSacheverell Sacheverell_
ScottKillen skillen sdkillen skillen scottkillen ScottKillenMC
Searge Searge Searge_DP SeargeDP SeargeDP
Sengir SirSengir sirsengir ForestryMC SirSengir
Sevadus sevadus sevadus sevadus sevadus
ShadwDrgn ShadwDrgn ShadwDrgn ShadwDrgn ShadwDrgn
Slowpoke slowpoke101 slowpoke101 Slowpoke101FTB slowpoke101
Soaryn Soaryn Soaryn Soaryn117 Soaryn Soaryn117
Tahg vaht Vaht Tahgtahv Tahg Tahgtahv
ted80 ted80
Thunderdark Thunderdark
Vswe Vswe VsweGoesMinecraft Vswe Steves_Carts
x3n0ph0b3 x3n0ph0b3 x3n0ph0b3 x3n0ph0b3x
XCompWiz XCompWiz XCompWiz XCompWiz XCompWiz
Zeldo ZeldoKavira

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    • is there a place were i can join becuase i want to make a youtube series on it.
    • You have to be invited by someone on the server, and/or be a mod developer, or a very famous YouTuber. 
  • Who Records?

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    • they just stream on twitch the channels are all linked on twitch tv 
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