Forge Lexicon
Forge Lexicon on a Mystical Plinth
Type Item
Stackable Yes
Source Mod OmniTools

The Forge Lexicon is an item from OmniTools. It allows the player to convert items back and forth which have the same name, eliminating mod incompatibility with duplicate item names, such as GregTech Rubies to RedPower 2 Rubies . It can also convert music discs from one type to another. (Note: Vanilla and Portal Gun Music Discs are not interchangeable) To activate the Forge Lexicon, it must be placed on a Mystical Plinth. When activated, lightning will strike the plinth, allowing activation. Items are re-convertable, which allows for smaller storage of items which stack in one mod, but don't in another.

Some servers ban the Lexicon, due to the fact that it can convert unbanned items into banned ones, and the several exploits which can be used with it to auto-generate items.


Crafting GUI.png


Iron Ingot

Gold Ingot

Cyan Wool

Forge Lexicon


File:Block Spotlight - Forge Lexicon


  • The Forge Lexicon's name has meaning: Forge is an allusion to the Forge Ore Dictionary, which auto-blends ores with the same name from two different mods both running Forge. A Lexicon is defined to be a language book of words.

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