Bees need flowers to be able to produce combs and items. Most of the bees need regular flowers, but others need more exotic ones. To know which kind of flower the bee needs, the player must analyze it with a beealyzer. The flower a bee needs to feed on is also the flower it will pollinate. If a bee feeds on flower, more and more flowers will spawn on Dirt and Grass block around the apiary.

Book: Bookshelf

Cacti: Cacti

End: Dragon Egg

Flowers: Regular yellow or red flowers

Gourds: A fully grown pumpkin plant (not the pumpkin itself)

Jungle: Vines or Fern

Lily Pads: Lily pad

Magic Flowers: Cinderpearl or Shimmerleaf

Mushroom : Regular brown or red mushrooms

Nether: Netherwarts

Node: A node has to be nearby

None: The bee doesn't need to feed

Purify node: A pure node has to be nearby

Redstone: Redstone Torch

Reeds: Sugar Cane

Rock: Stone or Cobblestone

Wheat : Wheat (The wheat has to be fully grown for the bee to feed on it)